Saturday, 15 July 2017

BlogTour! The Other Twin by L V Hay

As readers of my blog will know I’m not really one for psychological thrillers, preferring my crime fiction grittier, more noir. That said, this book appealed to me because of its title. My better half being an identical twin, I thought I really had to get my hands on this. I had images in my mind of identical twins suspected of some crime, one innocent one psychotic, the police stumped as to who’s who. I must stress here that neither my wife or her sister conform to this picture – neither are villainous murderers as far as I’m aware – but there you go.

L V Hay’s book isn’t the plot I outline above. In fact, I was surprised to find that the twins aren’t the major characters as such. Nor are they identical. Instead this book follows Poppy investigating the death of her sister, the twins of the title being important, but supporting cast. As befits a psychological thriller, The Other Twin is more nuanced than the one line synopsis I just outlined, instead the author has crafted a tale of hidden lives and the perils of social media. Poppy discovers that her sister had built a whole new reality through a blog, that there are secrets to her sister she never realised.

The Other Twin is a well-crafted novel, in some ways it’s less a psychological thriller than a whodunnit. While the police believe Poppy’s sister to have committed suicide, I don’t think I’m giving away any spoilers in saying there’s more to it than that. Poppy’s quest is to discover what this is and who’s responsible. As I say, psychological thrillers and whodunnits aren’t my normal fare, and if I’m being honest, The Other Twin isn’t a book I would naturally reach for. That said it’s well written and compelling. It’s well plotted, the characters are believable and the social media aspects are quite chilling.

3 out of 5 stars

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