Sunday, 29 January 2017

BLOG TOUR! Deep Down Dead by Steph Broadribb

My Turn on the Deep Down Dead blog tour and I'm lucky enough to have some exclusive content! Hoorah! Steph Broadribb, our intrepid author, has decided to share with us her top five action thriller heroes. So without further ado, over to you, Steph!


I’m a huge fan of the action thriller genre and there are some series that I’m always super eager to read as soon as the next book comes out because I know I’ll be in for a treat. These are books where a great read is guaranteed and the lead character is memorable and unique; a protagonist I enjoy spending time with. My top five are:

Lee Child’s JACK REACHER – Reacher’s uniqueness isn’t just his size (he’s 6ft 5in, 220-250 lbs, 50” chest!) but the combination of brawn and brains. He’s smart, and that’s good because he seems to have a habit of walking into town as something bad is going down and hangs around just long enough to sort it out. If you’ve not read the series, I recommend you start at the beginning with KILLING FLOOR and work your way through to the most recent book (number twenty-one) NIGHT SCHOOL, but as the books aren’t all sequential you could mix it up a bit too.

Jeff Abbott’s SAM CAPRA – Sam Capra is a good guy in terrifying circumstances. He starts the series as a gifted CIA agent working in London, but is soon put in an impossible situation when in a moment of horror everything he loves is torn from him. Determined to bring those who took his family to justice, the Sam Capra books are always dynamic with a hard emotional punch. Start at the beginning of the series with ADRENALINE (and be sure to check out Jeff Abbott’s standalones too – FEAR is a particular favourite of mine).

Zoe Sharp’s CHARLIE FOX – Charlie Fox is one kick-ass female lead. As an ex Special Forces trainee and now close protection bodyguard she’s forging a career as a top woman in a man’s world. She’s tough, with lightening reflexes and a super-quick mind – all essential qualities for keeping her, and those she’s protecting, safe. Start at the beginning of the series with KILLER INSTINCT to experience Charlie’s life changing as she moves from self-defense instructor to bodyguard, and from the UK to the US.

Mason Cross’s CARTER BLAKE – Carter Blake is a man of mystery (Carter Blake is not his real name) who specializes in finding people who don’t want to be found. He works for himself, but will team up with law enforcement and government bureaus if the price is right. Breathlessly paced with adrenaline-fuelled set pieces this series has quickly become one of my top favourites. Start at the beginning with THE KILLING SEASON and go from there – believe me, you’re going to want to devour them all.

Tom Wood’s VICTOR the ASSASSIN – Victor (he has no known last name) is a true anti-hero. He’s an assassin who suppresses all emotion. He does bad stuff (a lot of bad stuff) but somehow you can’t help liking him. The books are high action, brutal and brilliantly twisty-turny – and always impossible to put down. Start with the first THE HUNTER and I bet you’ll find yourself as hooked on Victor as me!

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